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. anita. >> summer is over for students across northern virginia. some of the region's biggest district head back to school today. fairfax county. our kristin fisher spent the morning with students at the south county middle school in lorton. >> good morning. >> it's a day full of firsts at south county middle school. it's the first year that this school has been open. first day of school. how are you feeling? >> very nervous. don't want to get lost. >> i'm feeling anxious for her. >> kind of scared maybe. >> i'm so anxious. i'm so excited for my daughter, but you know, she's growing up so fast. >> but no one is more nervous than this seventh grade boy from south korea. >> this is your first day going to school in the u.s., how are you feeling? >> not good. my son is very nervous. >> at least everyone is a new student at this school. they have come armed with color coded maps to find their classrooms in this $22 million sprawling school that has been years in the making. >> i think it's great. i mean, we have been waiting for it. >> this is one of two new schools opening in
% of drivers are dodging tolls in maryland. in virginia, it's almost 2%. and in delaware, almost 3.4% of drivers are skipping out. >>> coming up next, sorting out the fact from the fiction. we'll be joined by a political fact checker. seemingly endless campaign ads and talk about who is lying. wç >>> in our on going presidential race, both the obama and romney campaigns pulled their kneeing negative attack ads. the political action committees did not make that promise and they are running their negative ads anyhow. so, just what are the facts is the fundamental question for journalists like us. this year, however, the roll of the political fact checker seems to be more prominent and a lot more complicated. joining me now is paul singer. he's part of u.s.a. today's political ad tracking team. paul, it feels to me as though this is the year where everybody's strategy is, say anything you want and never apologize. >> there's no upside to saying i'm sorry in politics. you basically just say whatever you want to say and who really cares how true it is. >> that's the thing. is there
. they will shoot that dog. >> reporter: in virginia it's a felony to possess dogs for the purpose of fighting. again right now, he faces just one count of being an unfit animal owner. derek, we're looking into the first-degree murder charges that we have uncovered in maryland and prince george's county and the state's attorney office that is now looking into them as we don't know the position of those charges, the very serious charges. >> yes, very serious. and the cruelty of the charges. that rape stand will take the case. >> isn't it horrible for sports? back to you. >>> and from two tough stories to another one, an update now to the story we told you about yesterday. the 83-year-old woman attacked by the rabbit beaver. well, she just returned home from the hospital this afternoon. she was attacked on tuesday night at bar crop lake in falls church. surae chinn just talked to her bringing us her top story. >> you want to be a part of me. that's what they wanted. >> the 83-year-old had gone for a swim like she often does. >> reporter: when the beaver came out of nowhere. >> the animal jumped
campaigning today in the battle ground state of virginia. you are looking live at mary washington university where the first lady michelle obama is speaking even as we speak. earlier today republican presidential candidate mitt romney was at a place called van dyke park in fairfax and our own bruce leshan was there checking him out. what was the deal? >> yesterday even as these details of this libyan tragedy were unfolding, mitt romney actually held a news conference and accused the obama administration of apologizing for american values. he ran into some criticism even from members of his own party. today he seemed eager to move on. governor romney opened the fairfax rally with libya. >> what train did i to lose such a wonderful -- a tragedy to lose such a wonderful people. >> reporter: and was interrupted almost immediately by a heckler accusing him of trying to score political points during an overseas crisis. >> why are you politicizing libya? >> why are you politicizing libya? >> usa! usa! >> i would offer a moment of silence, but one gentleman doesn't want to be silent, so we're going
'll be back. bill: virginia wade, last brit to wane grand slam. mary: she then won the 1977 wimbledon title. there's sean connery back again. bill: they met here for the first time when sean connery kind of blasted into the press conference. conference. kind of a cool moment. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] bill: there they are together. following andy's semifinal win over tomas berdych saturday. john: i thought virginia won that wimbledon, 1977, that it was a frequent thing. it happened regularly. boy, was i wrong. bill: they've not had a male british grand slam champion in british grand slam champion in 76 years. bill: that is one of the burdens tha
of dollars and put the 20 clinics in virginia out of business and healthcare out of reach for thousands of women. but the majority spoke. >> there's nothing in the general assembly law that says if you cease to do abortions, you have to cease to do women's healthcare. by adding construction restraints we are not harming physicia -- harming people, virginians. if anything, we're improving their quality. >> shame on you! >> reporter: the issue may not be over. some are already talking about challenging the ruling in court. in richmond surae chinn, 9 news now. >> virginia health board members air pointed by the governor and they -- are appointed by the governor and they can serve up to two four year terms. >>> big disappointment tonight for a fairfax county man that spent the last decade on death row for a crime he may not have committed. a federal judge threw out justin wolfe's death sentence and conviction after finding prosecutors withheld important evidence. today wolfe was back in a prince william county courtroom for a hearing hoping to be released on bond, but the judge refused. ou
an explanation for a bizarre and dangerous animal encounter in virginia yesterday evening. a beaver, yes, a beaver attacked a woman who was swimming in the lake and it has tested positive for rabies. more on what is next. scott. >> well, here they are taking precautions. they closed the lake to swimmers for the time being until they can figure out what they are going to do. what is next is canvassing this area to see if any other petteds or people may have come in contact with this beaver or other beavers besides the 83- year-old woman who was attacked yesterday afternoon. here are photos of the rabid beaver taken by neighbors after it was killed by a pair of fishermen who helped rescue the victim and call for help. it happened here at 6:00 tuesday evening. an 83-year-old woman swimming here was attacked by the beaver, which witnesses said continued biting and clinging to her as she battled to get to shore. >> i think it's very strange. >> residents are shocked. >> i'm surprised they are that aggressive. >> lots of people see beaver. some neighbors have had tender young plants and t
of civil unrest. >> later campaign 2012 is ready to make a big splash with a return to virginia. >> reporter: i'm kristen berset live at redskins park with robert griffin, iii and his day at the media. >>> now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> reporter: i'm live at redskins park. robert griffin, iii taken to the podium talking about his debut in new orleans this weekend. he said he feels medical fly and mentally pretty good -- physically and mentally pretty good after that win. they've put that behind them now. rg3's debut has got people talking all over the country, 320 passing yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions, earning him praise and accolades from everywhere, but he said he was just glad to come out with the w. >> defense played well. offense came together. everybody knows if they take care of their assignments we can win and we got the talent to do it. i feel good about the excitement about this team and i think the team feels good about itself just with the way we performed last week and we got to continue to carry that on. >> reporter: i'm joined live by grant pahl
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8